Within (1998)
4 screen video installation with soundtrack

Within considers the contents of short everyday encounters, captured as moving vignettes, while Goodwin travels on different modes of transport, through different urban environments. The piece draws on the potential for multiple interpretation of each small gesture and glance, commonly experienced but ignored in everyday life. In his recent video installation About (1998), Goodwin exploits these notions along a linear time structure. Following this mode, Within delves further into the nature of these fleeting relationships as the camera exaggerates the way we watch others and are in turn watched ourselves. Isolating these experiences allows them to be examined as artefacts or curiosities. By repeating, looping, reversing, slowing down and speeding up these pockets of time, the treatment becomes non-linear. The soundtrack with its changing motifs is also played in a loop, setting different movements against different encounters, enriching the matrix of interpretation.

Within has three sound movements which revolve in different combinations with the encounters. The complete cycle is 24 minutes.

Documentation from Within's exhibition at the Lux Gallery, London, part of the Pandaemonium Festival 1998 and at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany as part of Video Cult/ures 1999

Direction, Production, Camera, Editing and Sound by Dryden Goodwin

Commissioned for the Lux Gallery, London in the Pandaemonium Festival 1998.