Stay (2004)
(video projection, soundtrack and 3 composite photographs) '22

Stay takes three distinct landscapes and presents the viewer with an experience of moving through space while engaging them in the contemplation of still moments. By presenting the individual photographs that make up the animated sequence with the projected image and soundtrack, Stay explores the interplay between momentum and inertia, the imperative for motion and the desire to be still and survey. The shifting soundscape fuses audio captured on location with additional orchestration by the artist.

This emotionally ambiguous journey, through man-made and natural surroundings, is both an invitation to linger in these environments, as well as a driving force to leave, as the viewer rushes through the fleeting landscapes. At what point in the journey have we come in? Is it impending danger, yearning or exaltation that creates the tension to move through or remain?

Commissioned by The Lighthouse, Poole, Dorset.

Stills from Stay (2004)

Stay - Canal (2004) Lambda print, 251.5 x 190cm (99 x 74 3/4in)


Stay - Forest (2004) Lambda print, 251.5 x 190cm (99 x 74 3/4in)


Stay - Tunnel (2004) Lambda print, 251.5 x 190cm (99 x 74 3/4in)