Scene (1999)
(night projection with soundtrack)

A large video projection, shown at night on the front of the gallery. The video is accompanied by a soundtrack amplified into the background sounds of the city. The footage concentrates on various sightings of spaces through windows, caught on camera, viewed momentarily, late at night, from a moving nightbus. Individuals, groups and empty spaces, held on a few frames of videotape are digitally manipulated, creating a strange, slow motion. By manipulating these found situations Goodwin plays with the relationship of documentor and storyteller. Goodwin's installation conveys a voyeuristic quality that is rendered especially powerful and direct by his rare but bold use of colour. The treatment of the filmed episodes draws the viewer into a complicit relationship with the camera's prying gaze, pandering to innate human curiosity into the privacy of other people's habitats. This central tension is further agitated by the orchestrated soundtrack that Goodwin has created. Over the course of the whole cycle he fuses different sound pieces with the same images, shifting the viewers reading of each situation.

Scene (1998) has 8 sightings which revolve in different combinations with the five sound pieces, the complete cycle is 70 minutes.


Site Gallery , Sheffield, commissioned for Traffic 1999

Stills from Scene

Scene - Installation Shots - day time play back of night projection