Chisenhale Gallery

Ends Sunday 5 March [Wed to Sun 1pm - 6pm] - @ Chisenhale, 64 Chisenhale Rd., E3 (020.8981.4518) Tube: Bethnal Green - Price: FREE

Five white, glass-topped cases, filled with neatly laid out sets of pen and ink drawings on white paper take on amphitheatre-like formation in the Chisenhale's main gallery space. Each drawing is a fragmented composite of lines placed out of apparent sequence and in varying states of completion, where lines are added and removed in increasing intensity as if there should, amongst the ghostly chaos, be a final and conclusive end vision. This display is the partner to Dryden Goodwin's latest film Flight and it is within this film that the drawing begins to make a new sense. Each fragmentary line is delicately animated to look as if it is whispering through the surface of landscapes, both urban and natural. The lines of Goodwin's visual interventions swarm around the sprawl of buildings and trees alike, while the camera drags the viewer ever backwards until eventually it pans above a wind rippled sea. This constant movement of the camera creates a tension between what is real and what Goodwin suggests as the ultimate destination. Both the drawing and the film sit in almost counter balance of one another; each vying to claim reality where Goodwin deliberately leaves the viewer ever searching.

NB: runs till 05/03.