Tuesday 22 April 2003 (8:40pm)

Preview ART / FILM / TALK EVENT National Film Theatre

This week in film, UK-based artist Dryden Goodwin can be seen at the NFT showing work from the last five years of his career. Playing expectancy off desire to create a temporal look at the human condition, Goodwin's work goes to great lengths to find drama in the everyday. Using images of disarming intimacy and urban isolation, Goodwin's unlikely mix of sentiment, voyeurism and wry humour together pose serious questions about the nature of our relationship to reality and its preservation. Exploiting a film noir sensibility to generate anticipation, Goodwin's films draw attention to our somewhat voyeuristic, and even slightly sadistic, tendencies. He plays with the relationship between public and private, perhaps declaring a new and urbane "garden" in his film installation Closer - one of the works in this retrospective at the NFT. Using images of humanity and public space, this artist's work has received critical acclaim worldwide.
NB: Part of a monthly series curated by the Video and Film Umbrella, this is a unique opportunity to see the artist introduce a selection of his recent work.