Dilate (2003)
(8 screen video installation with soundtrack)

Goodwin's panoramic video and sound installation, Dilate, encircles the viewer with projection screens. By setting the eight visual episodes in different combinations with the eight sound pieces, Dilate expands and contracts our perceptual horizons, heightening the viewer's awareness of physical and psychological space. Panning in and out of significant details of immersive 360 degree scenes, it reflects how our shifting sense of self informs our perception of space and vice versa. Faced with an open vista of a majestic natural landscape, we can feel liberated, isolated or paralysed; as part of the city, anonymous, identified or alienated; in the domesticity of our homes, safe, confined or overwhelmed; in a virtual network, empowered, remote or victimised. Dramatic and multi-faceted in its flow of images, Dilate also has a strong sculptural presence in the gallery, allowing the work to be approached from a distance and viewed both from inside and outside the formation of screens. The shifting soundscape fuses audio recordings captured on location with additional orchestration by the artist. The complete cycle of the sixty-four possible image and sound combinations takes 157 minutes.
Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, Manchester Art Gallery & New Gallery Walsall.

Installation shots from Dilate (2003) exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery


Installation shots from Dilate (2003)


Stills from Dilate (2003)